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  • Uniforms should have a professional look - clean, non-wrinkled, no tears or holes, and fit properly

  • Uniforms should be properly hemmed so they don't cover the hands, drag on the floor, or unfold.

  • At no time should a student wear additional items of outer clothing under their uniform (i.e. jeans).

  • No hats, bands, scarves, jewelry, or additional ornamentation may be worn on or with the uniform.

  • Non-restrictive thermal or dry weave under garments may be worn under the uniform during winter.

  • Belts and Sashes should never be washed, nor should they be worn outside our training buildings.

  • White thru Green Belt youth and adults are required to wear their uniform jackets on all rank tests.

  • If at anytime a student is missing an article of their uniform, they should still attend class, but are required to line up at the lowest end of the rank progression..


  • All 4 and 5 year old students attending preschool classes will wear an ISMA school shirt and size belt. The Preschool student should wear long pants, of any color, from their own wardrobe or may purchase formal white uniform pants from ISMA. The Preschool uniform is designed to be friendly in color and comfort and have an ease of belt tying and easy conversion to and from "daily" clothes.

  • Youth and Adult:

  • White Belts students start in a traditional crossover style white uniform jacket and pants. The jacket should be worn over a T-shirt or tank top. This uniform depicts the new beginner student who has a generalized traditional expectation and mindset of martial arts training.

  • Yellow Belt candidates will display an ISMA logo patch on their white uniform jacket before their yellow belt test. This symbolizes a dedication to training and commitment to advance in ranking through ISMA.

  • Green Belt ranks have the option of wearing an ISMA school shirt instead of their white uniform jacket to training classes; however formal jackets are still required at rank tests.

  • At Blue Belt rank, students still have the option of wearing an ISMA school shirt instead of their white uniform jacket to training classes and in addition, to rank tests. Blue Belts also have the option of wearing athletic shoes as part of their uniform.

  • Red Belt ranks are required to wear an ISMA school shirt and black uniform pants as their training uniform and during rank testing. It is at Red Belt Level a student is considered an Assistant Instructor and this uniform sets them apart from the general student base.

  • Orange to Brown Sash ranks are required to wear an ISMA school shirt and black uniform pants as their primary uniform and during rank testing; however, they also have the option to wear any previous uniform periodically during training classes.

  • Black Belts may wear specialized ISMA school logo shirts and any style uniform pants with their rank. At black belt level the student's mindset is completely street oriented and the black belt "uniform" symbolizes normal loose street attire, while still conforming to being a martial arts "uniform".


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