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An Open Letter to New Students -

Thank you for your interest in Inner Strength Martial Arts training. As a registered student, I'd like to welcome you and introduce you to the school.

Even though you are training in a room at a rec center, all ISMA classes are conducted as they would be at a free standing martial arts school. ISMA is a complete martial arts school with students who have been training for years, belt testing, student activities, and classes offered in Plano and Allen.

Starting quality martial arts training can be a bit overwhelming. Many times beginners feel lost, slow, stiff, sore, and out of balance. These are all normal feelings. As with learning any new skill, it will take patience, drive, effort, and determination to progress. Higher ranked students will attest that the new skills get easier with understanding, persistence, and repetition. When in doubt, feel free to ask for their assistance - ISMA students are always willing to help. When you look at higher ranked students, remember they all started at white belt too. ISMA offers a variety of training from class to class and each student will find skills they pick up quickly and some that take extra effort. These may be different for everyone, so look upon your own accomplishments and try not to judge yourself against others.

If you (or your parents) haven't completed the student profile form yet, please do so and return it immediately. Log-in information, to the password protected documents on our web site, will be available at class. Once you receive it, please download the school manual and any other items that you feel will help you learn.

It is assumed that beginners entering ISMA do so with the intent to continue studying all aspects of our martial arts styles (age and rank appropriate) with discipline and respect. However, upon giving yourself enough time to experience a multitude of skills training, if you find that martial arts' isn't for you, it is respectful to let your instructor know in person that you are stopping. But, before you do, I ask that you read the first 2 articles under the Reading Area on the Student Page of this website.

You have a lifetime to learn and train in the arts. Have patience, relax, and enjoy the school. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns - please feel free to contact me.

Sifu Bales        


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