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Street Smart Self Defense

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"This course is very practical with lots of good advice on personal safety and hands on practice".

"I found the class very beneficial because a person of any size or gender could do the moves"

"The class makes you feel more confident instead of using scare tactics to learn"

"I like their approach, they donít give you with a million moves to remember"

"Itís simple, yet effective"

"I liked the hand moves the best and the fact that you could openly ask questions"

"I would definitely recommend this class to someone else"

(former Street Smart Self Defense students) the independent self protection division of Inner Strength Martial Arts. Ms. Bales, owner and instructor of Street Smart Self Defense offers self defense seminars to individuals and groups on an as-requested basis.

Standard seminars are 2 hours in length and are both lecture and hands-on, but times and curriculum can be adapted to fit the needs of specific individuals or groups.

Street Smart Self Defense participants receive an edge on personal safety through awareness, knowledge, quick and easy hand strike and kicking techniques, targeting, and common household weapons.

The Street Smart Self Defense lecture segment is based on the 5 core survival principles...S.M.A.R.T.

  • Stay Informed and Prepared
  • Make a Plan
  • Act Confidently
  • React Wisely
  • Take a Buddy

The hands-on, practical application segment teaches strikes and targeting principles using a single element retention strategy and quick releases for attacks as opposed to other self defense seminars which teach a preset series of movements in order to defend against specific attacks. We have discovered that the single element retention strategy is good for self defense participants who don't intend to continue in a martial arts program. This strategy does not imply that all a defendant has to do is one single action to escape; instead, they develop the knowledge and skill of several strikes and learn to coordinate them based on their own comfort, coordination, body movement, and abilities. This approach allows the student to develop confidence and better retention of skills.

The Street Smart Self Defense program is a condensed self defense course and not intended to take the place of continuous training. Taking a self defense seminar once and thinking you're an expert is the similar to taking a first aid class and thinking you're a doctor. Even the simplest self defense techniques need to be practiced repeatedly for quick retrieval.


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