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Inner Strength Martial Arts believes leading and teaching others helps reinforce your own martial arts knowledge and skills, as well as increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Students are encouraged to "help" early in their training, with respect to and under the supervision of higher ranks.

Learning to teach through leadership roles starts as early as ISMA youth classes. Selected student "leaders" periodically direct warm-up exercises, lead some technical practice and forms, and are responsible for maintaining training equipment. This is a role of respect and helps a student overcome shyness as well as increases their self-esteem and self-confidence.

More experienced youth students may lead their entire class through basic techniques or work with individuals on a one-on-one basis. Higher ranked youth students are often partnered with lower ranked classmates. The lesser skilled student has someone close in age to emulate while the higher rank must act in a leadership role. With supervision, this is a winning combination.

Teen and Adult students, as early as yellow belt level, are encouraged to help with youth classes. When a teen or adult student works with younger students they will constantly find themselves with the challenge of having to explain techniques in the most simplified manner, yet still with accuracy, so a child can understand them. In doing so, the teen or adult student, can discover both humility and self-confidence within.

While all students essentially help or assist at ISMA as one would in a family, only select ISMA students are appointed the honor and title of "Assistant Instructor". These students must meet the requirements of Red Belt level or higher, have a complex understanding of ISMA and our style, show dedication to their own training, and have an increased amount of teaching experience over others. In return, these students earn the respect of others and increase their own skills as they progress to Black Belt.


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