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ISMA classes are taught by Sifu (master level instructor) Cheryl Bales. Sifu Bales has been teaching martial arts since 1994. She holds multiple black belts and has trained in several disciplines. Her energy and passion for self defense, martial arts, and teaching is reflected in her students' enthusiasm, determination, and dedication.

Sifu Bales philosophy is to teach through positive reinforcement the knowledge and technical proficiency of martial arts while instilling discipline, self confidence, and the importance of physical conditioning to her students. Sifu Bales understands child development and age appropriate expectations of students at all levels and is able to adapt curriculum and approach to teaching as required. Her compassion, patience and understanding helps students learn and develop their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Ms. Bales has taught close quarter combat training to the Texas Army National Guard. She has trained law enforcement personnel from several municipalities and periodically trains Federal special ops personnel. She is proficient in 14 weapons and is highly skilled in practical application:

  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Weapon Disarm & Retention
  • Ground Survival
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Throws
  • Multiple Assailants
  • Edged Weapon Defense and Offense
  • Blunt Weapon Defense and Offense
  • Controls
  • Firearms Safety and Training

In addition to teaching martial arts and self-defense, Ms. Bales holds many Nationally recognized certificates and continues to pursue a higher level of training, coaching, and scholastic education.

Certificates and Accomplishments:

  • PPCT Defense Tactics Certified, 2002
  • Nationally Certified Center Referee since 2000 - AAU CMA
  • National Secretary for the AAU Chinese Martial Arts 1998-2003
  • American Heart Association (CPR) Certified since 1999
  • ASEP Certified Coach since 1998 - American Sport Education Program
  • Nationally Certified Judge since 1997 - AAU Chinese Martial Arts
  • Martial Artist on National TV show - CBS - Sons of Thunder - 1998-99
  • 1st Degree Black Belt '96; 2nd Degree '98; Shui Huo Instructor '98
  • AAU Registered Athlete since 1997
  • Martial Arts Instructor since 1994
  • ADAPT Street Survival Systems Instructor since 2004
  • SRT Instructor since 2007


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