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Inner Strength Martial Arts

Core Curriculum

The core of the curriculum for Inner Strength Martial Arts (ISMA) is street application self defense against single to multiple attackers. Consisting of a Korean and Chinese martial arts foundation, the ISMA curriculum is less than 10% sport or traditional performance related. ISMA curriculum utilizes the principles of the Shui Huo Kung Fu style, teaching multiple strikes in constant motion and a variety of footwork in its defense. ISMA is a practical street application martial arts school with skills training to enhance the core self defense curriculum.

While other schools are awarding black belts in 1-3 years, it takes approximately 1-3 years in ISMA to reach the yellow/green belt level. It's not the number of rank levels or tenure (classes attended) that makes the differences between martial arts schools; but the curriculum and amount of knowledge/skills the student must retain and proficiently demonstrate that sets ISMA apart from most other schools. There is no universal set of requirements for black belt among martial art schools - each school or system sets its own standards. ISMA will not promote anyone under the age of 17 to black belt/sash. ISMA curriculum is as intense as earning a Masters Degree, but not impossible to achieve.

The core self defense of ISMA curriculum consists of 300+ self defense techniques which…

  • Have been taught to the Federal Air Marshals, Texas Army National Guard, Federal special ops consulting firms, police officers, fire department personnel, security guards, and Texas State certified Personal Protection Officers (bodyguards).
  • Are taught by cause and effect principles to create unlimited defensive moves for any situation.
  • Include defense against knife, club, stick, or any bladed or blunt object (Level II Classes)
  • Include weapon vs. weapon, weapon offense, and weapon defense (Level II Classes)
  • Are taught with the mindset for survival against multiple attackers (gang).
  • Contain between 2 simultaneous moves to 10+ continuously flowing moves.
  • Offer more than one response for the same attack to accommodate each student's individual natural reflex motion.
  • Are taught with training drills to increase: speed, timing, power, balance, movement, reflexes, and conditioning.
  • Include techniques for escape, control, and complete elimination of the attacker(s).
  • Include training on falls, throws, and counters to throws.
  • Address attacks from close range, medium range, long range, and ground defense.
  • Include drills for balance, ground defense, falls, throws, and counters to throws.

  • Are taught with independent motion removing all lead point (telegraphing) movement for optimum speed to target. (Level II)
  • Include over 75 Kick / Knee strikes and 57 Hand / Elbow strikes.
  • Include pressure point controls, joint manipulation and locking, and principles of body mechanics
  • Have been used in real world situations by law enforcement and special ops groups.

ISMA's Youth Curriculum

Inner Strength Martial Arts' Youth Curriculum uses the same principles as the adult curriculum while eliminating techniques that a child could reflex to and cause permanent damage to another child or ones the youth student cannot understand the complete cause/effect of executing. The youth program is taught in a fun environment, but should no way discredit the skills these young students learn. ISMA youth students who continue throughout their childhood will be well prepared for college and real life situations and will be able to make wise decisions in their lives.


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