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Our goal at Inner Strength Martial Arts (ISMA) is to teach knowledge, technical ability, and the philosophy of our style while instilling discipline, self confidence, and the importance of physical conditioning as it relates to the martial arts, to our students. We try to provide an interesting and exciting, non-threatening, family atmosphere.

Although our style focuses primarily on self defense, we emphasize the concept of training not to fight - in other words, our goal is to give students the ability, self confidence, and technical proficiency to protect themselves and adapt to any situation, in addition to the mental Inner Strength not to place themselves in a confrontational situation. While the training at ISMA does intensify significantly with age and skill level, the goal of Self Protection and Inner Strength remains constant from day one.

Inner Strength Martial Arts is a complete style - a style that is based on a foundation of Korean and Chinese martial arts movement. ISMA's primary focus is on street application self defense against single to multiple attackers, utilizing the principles of Shui Huo Kung Fu. ISMA's style offers a unique blend of training encompassing a basic linear hard style martial art combined with an intricate, but natural, circular bursting soft style martial art allowing the student to develop their skills and knowledge for a lifetime.

ISMA offers training for all levels and all ages from school age children to Adults. All ISMA students build confidence, coordination skills, self-esteem, individual and teamwork abilities, and physical conditioning while learning vital self defense and martial arts techniques in a structured and disciplined, yet fun and enjoyable atmosphere. ISMA students are taught not to mimic, but to understand the principles behind each technique and their purpose so they can adapt and reflex movement when necessary. Through our age appropriate curriculum, students develop accordingly to their abilities and needs.

As the ISMA student grows with the school so does his training...

ISMA Youth students train on traditional as well as street applicable techniques (one-on-one), fitness and endurance conditioning, practical application, beginning weaponry, sparring, and self defense while emphasizing safety, Inner Strength, and mental conditioning. Through these martial arts and coordination skills, youth students increase their self-esteem, confidence, and physical conditioning. As a student progresses through rank they are given increased responsibilities that will develop their abilities to both lead and be a team member.

Adult classes at ISMA expand on the youth curriculum with mass attack, elimination techniques, enhanced fitness and physical conditioning, advanced weaponry, speed, endurance, sparring, and adult oriented street applicable self defense while still emphasizing Inner Strength, internal breathing, and mental conditioning. Rapid multiple striking from our Shui Huo Kung Fu foundation sets the style apart from other martial arts. With this approach, students are taught skills to defend themselves against multiple attackers as opposed to focusing on one opponent only. Classes are for all rank levels and adult continuing students are more than willing to extend a friendly helping hand to beginners.

In addition to normally scheduled classes, ISMA students receive opportunities to enhance their training through special events and private lessons.


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