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"Okay, I am hooked! The parent class was very helpful, and I have a new found respect for my son and anyone who practices martial arts of any form"

-Dawn Woods (parent of James)

Parentís Training Day


Do you want to share in your childís martial arts practice, but donít know the difference between an eagleís beak and a ridgehand?

What the proper foot position is for an instep shin kick?

What Iron Horse is and how it differs from a Horse Stance?

You can learn the basics in this 2-hour participation seminar that will help you assist your child with their martial arts studies and their advancement through the initial ISMA belt levels.

Every 3 to 4 months, ISMA hosts a training day on Sunday, 2-4 p.m., specifically designed for parentís to learn the basics of ISMA Yellow Stripe and Yellow belt requirements so they can help their child practice at home.

Parentís Training Days are fun, challenging, and give the parent a new perspective on their childís abilities and accomplishments.

Contact ISMA to reserve your spot for the next class.



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