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"it’s not a building that makes a good school, but the curriculum and people inside."

Dear Students,

Inner Strength Martial Arts is a full martial arts school simply without a private business owned building. Students who have trained at ISMA for years understand this, but some come to ISMA with the intent to stay for a “trial” period and then transfer to another school simply with the notion that a martial arts school must operate out of it’s own building to be good. Many of you have heard the saying “never judge a book by its cover”. In comparison, long time ISMA students and those who have come to ISMA from these other schools will tell you, it’s not a building that makes a good school, but the curriculum and people inside.

Some day we may be forced to have our own building, simply because we’ve outgrown our current locations, but until then we hope you look at ISMA as a full martial arts school who uses a room in another’s building and not just a class held at a recreation center.

ISMA has been operating out of Carpenter Park since August 1997 and Joe Farmer since May 2001. Our policy is to try to support a student's continuous training, but it is crucial that students follow registration procedure as directed by each location. Most of our Carpenter Park classes fill within minutes after registration is open and some of our Joe Farmer classes meet maximum student participation too. Registration early for all ISMA classes is recommended.

What are the differences between locations?

Location: Carpenter Park - Plano Joe Farmer - Allen
Registration Website Links: Plano Parks and Rec
Allen Parks and Rec
City Mission Statement: "To plan for and provide quality parks, facilities, and services resulting in social, environmental, and economic benefits for individuals and the community". "To establish a parks and recreation system for our citizens that provides them with a source of pleasure, promotes economic development, minimizes demands on valuable city resources, and instills pride in those who make it happen."
Registration Time Frame: Seasonal sessions as designated by the City's calendar. Must register for the entire session.
Seasonal sessions, but can register for individual months or the entire season.
Registration Period: 3 to 4 times a year (winter/spring registration is combined for some classes); registering for several months in a specific session. Session lengths are not equal. 12 times a year maximum; but registration must be completed before 7:30 p.m. the last class date of the ending month to continue into the new month without late fees added.
Do you have to be a City resident? No, but non-residents pay an extra fee and register 2 days after residents. Registration date announced in city's Leisure Guide. No, but non-resident registration starts 2 days or the Monday following resident registration. Initial registration date announced in city's Activity Guide.
Tuition: Tuition based on Session length and specific class.
(Session: 2x Weekly (PII, Youth, Adult I / Adult Level II** )
Winter: $165 / $95
Spring: $165 / $95
Summer: $195 / $105
Fall: $260 / $139

** Teen/Adult students wishing to participate in Level II must also register for 2x weekly Level I class. Level II meets an additional hour both class days.

Session lengths are not equal in number of months. Tuition is due in full for the entire session upon registration. Tuition subject to change.
$60 monthly flat rate (plus $3 Allen added fee). $15 late fee if tuition for consecutive month is not paid by 7:30 p.m. of the last class of the current month
Approximately 2 classes weekly (subject to holidays and special events).
Wait List? Classes fill quickly and waitlist doesn't roll over from session to session Beginner class has filled to capacity several times now. Enroll early.
Bottom Line: Classes fill quickly. Students will need to register on the first day of registration to get into a class, but once registered they are enrolled for the entire length of the session - approximately 2-4 months. ISMA tries to pull continuing students off the waitlist if they attempt to register on the first day registration is available, but this is getting more difficult to do and still subject to overall space availablity. The beginning youth classes fill quickly and all others are rapidly growing. Continuing students should register mid-month in the month prior to the start of a new month and are encouraged to register for several months in advance to guarantee continued training.

Please contact me before addressing any issues with the recreation centers in reference to ISMA classes. I have had a good working partnership with Plano for over a decade and our friendship in Allen is growing. In some cases these partners allow us to work beyond what the City guidelines are for classes, registration, and enrollment. Please be courteous and friendly when speaking with Carpenter Park or Joe Farmer Rec Center staff members and if you have any issues with them regarding ISMA, please allow me the opportunity to address these issues first.

Thank you,

Ms. Bales


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