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Welcome to Inner Strength Martial Arts (ISMA),

Like most small businesses, ISMA was hit hard by the 2020 pandemic as we had to cancel classes and pivot to training online, losing many of our students in the transition as they tried to juggle unexpected hardships too. Having been established since 1997, ISMA had a strong following and offered more than 18 group training classes a week: intro, preschool, youth, adults, as well as specialty and self defense classes. Today we are still in a rebuilding phase and we look forward to you joining our ISMA family.

Through the years, ISMA has evolved from not only being a martial arts school, but a complete style - a style that is based on a foundation of Korean and Chinese martial arts movement. ISMA's primary focus is on street application self defense against single to multiple attackers, utilizing the principles of Shui Huo Kung Fu.

Our goal at Inner Strength Martial Arts (ISMA) is to teach knowledge, technical ability, and the philosophy of our style while instilling discipline, self confidence, and the importance of physical conditioning as it relates to the martial arts, to our students. We try to provide an interesting and exciting, non-threatening, family atmosphere.

Although our style focuses primarily on self defense, we emphasize the concept of training not to fight - in other words, our goal is to give students the ability, self confidence, and technical proficiency to protect themselves and adapt to any situation, in addition to the mental Inner Strength not to place themselves in a confrontational situation. While the training at ISMA does intensify significantly with age and skill level, the goal of Self Protection and Inner Strength remains constant from day one.

Please feel free to continue to browse our web site, learn more about us, and visit frequently. We hope to see you in person soon.

Skills developed through quality martial arts instruction will enhance your life forever. If you have any questions or are interested in joining the ISMA family, please contact me.

Sifu Cheryl L. Bales
Owner and Head Instructor
Inner Strength Martial Arts


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