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"Tanner" and "Team K9"


Texas Tanner-Bales

Tanner (2002-2016)

"Tanner" was Sifu Bales AKC Golden Retriever and ISMA school mascot for 14 years. He was born October 19, 2002 and peacefully went to Heaven on December 11, 2016. He had been a member of the ISMA family since he was 6 weeks old and his spirit still lives on in the students he touched and the heart of Sifu Bales.

In addition to attending ISMA martial arts events, Tanner enjoyed being a member of Dog Scouts of America (with Troop 119), playing football, swimming, letterboxing, geocaching, hiking, and retrieving balls. In 2012 he retired from athletic competition in the dog sport of "Flyball" as a member of the 4 Dog Flight flyball team.

He earned his "FD", "FDX", "FDch", "FDch-S", and "FDch-G" titles in NAFA and his Top Flight: Level I, Level II, Level III; Top Flight Executive: Level I, Level II, Level III; Top Flight Premier, and Singles Racer titles in U-Fli. Late 2006 Tanner was ranked the 2nd fastest Golden Retriver of all U-Fli Fkyball league.

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